Weekend getaway – Costa Brava

The beautiful coast of Costa Brava is a true oasis with clear blue waters and green hills on the backdrop... Not to mention, it’s fulfilled with hotels, restaurants, vineyards and much more!+ info

A traditional setting with an innovative concept, La Chispería

A new location for food lovers in Madrid, La Chispería… a delicious blend of the Spanish gastronomy!+ info

Barcelona Museums: Free on Sundays

Strolling around in Barcelona will have a new feel, as the city’s museums will be free for a whole year...+ info

Madrid conquering your palate

Unveil all the wonders of Madrid and stop by a delicious food market in the end of the day...+ info

The Famous San Fermin Fiesta

Known around the world for the running of the bulls, San Fermin Festival in Pamplona offers an distinctive experience as the city welcomes the week long fiesta.+ info


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