Seville is a passionate city in the South of Spain situated on the Banks of the Guadalquivir River with a strong Moorish Heritage. This city has the power to awake the senses with its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage, not a surprise they’re World Heritage Sites. Don't be surprised if you hear echoing sound of flamenco in the quaint neighborhood of Triana.
The Lonely Planet guides, through its publication for Best in Travel 2018, that selects the best destinations for next year, have chosen Seville as the best city in the world to visit. According to this travel guides label, in the election of Seville as the most interesting city to visit in 2018, editors and travelers have especially taken into account the great historical and artistic wealth of the city, its revitalization in recent years and the celebration of El Año Murillo next year. The selected destinations must meet specific criteria such as holding a special event during the following year, offering novelties to travelers, or that the team of experts considers that it is an unfairly overlooked destination.

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