Mercado Central
Plaza de la Virgen
Valencia can be a city of clichés: the light, the moon, the gun-powder, the paella, the flowers, the fallas... They are keys which attempts to explain what words cannot tell.
It is necessary to visit and get to know Valencia to verify that centenary traditions live together with modernity; that sea and city are compatible; that the green colour of farms can be kept together with a modern urban scheme; that Valencia is unique at night and during the day for any special event or incentive.

But, what really amazes the visitor is the magnificent setting of the city, a modern and at the same time ancient city by the seaside combined with the astonishing archictecture masterpieces, namely the famous big eye, the city of sciences and technology built by the famous spanish architect Calatrava.
Being so unusual in its settings, it became the place to have unique experiences turning an event so different and unforgettable.
Valencia: Unique setting that carefully blends the modern with the traditional making this city simply irresistable...
Monumental and traditional architecture mixed together with innovative & avant-garde buildings
It's the center of international and modern design
Unique venues perfect for corporate events/congresses or personal gatherings
A flourishing restaurant scene
Lively and exciting nightlife
Never-ending beaches
As you can see Valencia has everything to make your trip memorable!